Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tigercats are state champs!

This blog is a little belated, our pictures were stuck on Grandma Wargo's camera. But better late than never.. The whole family headed up to Tacoma on December 6th to watch the Tigercats play in the 2B state championships. What an exciting game! Touchdown after touchdown scored by both teams, the Tigercats and the Wishkah Valley Loggers. It came down to the last few seconds. The Tigercats were up by a few points, Wishkah had the ball with a minute left. After an interception by Justin Aune, the Tigercats won the game 64-62!

Gabe and Mom headed to Tacoma

Uncle Chris got to play quite a bit.. We were so proud of him!

After the game, Uncle Chris and Justin posing for the team picture

Mom, Dad and a very tired Gabe after the game.. Gabe stayed up until well past midnight!
Such a trooper!

We are so proud of Uncle Chris and Justin!

Everyone was so tired after the big day, but what a great day it was!


lynn said...

It was a great, fun weekend. Glad we could share it with you! I'm sure Gabe picked up on some great playing tips from his Uncle Chris!

Dave said...

I want to see Lynn in a mohawk! Where's the school spirit?