Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What has Gabe been up to?

Gabe is almost four months old and he has been a busy boy! He's growing up so fast, I feel like we can't even keep track. We hope you enjoy some of our newest pictures of our sweet baby!

Gabe loves his bath! He is finally out of the infant hammock, so he is free to kick and splash as much as he wants!

Gabe got to stay with Grandma Hansen two different nights while Mom and Dad went, first to an awards dinner for Dad's work and second to Dad's Christmas work party. We're so proud of Dad for winning a very important award in his first year of work at Lockheed Martin. We had a great dinner at Terra Blanca winery. It was the first time that Mom and Dad really got to dress up since Gabe was born. :)

Gabe is doing so good with tummy time. We caught him chatting with his favorite bear..

Hanging out with Dad

We had another play date with Sarah and Gracey. They actually noticed that the other was there this time. Gabe was really interested in Gracey and tried to grab her hand and her shirt. He talked and talked to her and Sarah has now told us that Gracey has started talking. Could Gabe be a future teacher? :)

After all of this excitement, Gabe couldn't stay awake..


lynn said...

he is so precious!! Maybe Gabe and Justin can be teachers together! Hugs and kisses to all of you!