Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

We were all set and ready to watch the Arizona Cardinals (hopefully) beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.. At least we had a team to root for from the NFC West, as the Seahawks sure didn't give us anything to hope for this season! We had some friends over and ate yummy food.. Gabe had a great time playing with new friends!

Intently watching the game with Grandma

Kylie loved playing with and holding Gabe.. He got quite the kick out of her!

Playing with his buddy Alex

After the game, we were all a little disappointed that the Cardinals lost, but it didn't seem to dampen Gabe's spirits!


lynn said...

Oh my gosh!! Our little baby grandson is the cutest baby on earth!! Keep smiling Gabe, we love you to pieces.....
Hugs, love Grammy & Gramps!

Dave said...

Alex gives Gabe a noogie. Gabe eats Alex. Evidence used in court: picture three.