Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anacortes trip continued..

Thursday afternoon, we packed up and headed up to Anacortes to spend a couple days with great aunt and uncle Lori and Robert. We got to visit lots of friends, but had a nice, fairly relaxing trip. The main reason we headed up was for Emilie and baby Della's baby shower. What a fun time! Della is going to be one fashionable girl, we can't wait to meet her! We got to see ALL of Emilie's family and some great friends of mom's from high school. Gabe was worn out by all the excitement, he's still recovering.

Gabe and Great Aunt Lori

Aunt Lori and Uncle Robert took Gabe to the Smelt Derby in La Conner and gave Mom a few minutes to herself. He had a great time and they said everyone loved Gabe, especially a sweet little girl. Should mom be worried? :)

On his way to La Conner

Visiting Monique and Mr. Knorr at Mt. Erie

Baby shower for sweet Della

Charlie enjoying a cupcake with Aunt Whitney

Camryn was such a big helper with Gabe

Romany, Sadie, Em and Mel

Playing (sort of) with Tatum

Trying to get a 3 year old and a six month old to pose? At least Emilie is looking at the camera!


The McFarlane Family said...

Lets hope she is sweet! Thanks for everything and we miss you guys!

Linda said...

Looks like Gabe had a great time! What great pictures!

Kelsey said...

Hi Melody,
I had to take a look at the picture of Gabe and Tatum. It looks like he is terrified of her. It was really nice meeting you and your son is adorable and his eyes are just precious.