Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baseball season is here!

We are so excited for the arrival of spring (finally) and the start of baseball season! Last year was such a horrible year for our beloved Mariners and we are so grateful for a new year and the hope it brings. We've only had a few games, but the Mariners are off to a great start and it has been so fun to watch Griffey's return, the team actually winning and Ichiro hitting a grand slam on his first day back! Gabe is a big supporter, although he really doesn't have much of a choice in this household. Go Mariners!

Enjoying the sun and supporting the M's


lynn said...

Gabe will be the Mariners cutest supporter!! He looks adorable in his little pool with plastic balls and his Mariners outfit on :)

Stacy said...

How cute is he?!! Love the balls in the pool...may have to try that myself so I can get some yard work done. :) Go Mariners! So fun, hope it continues. And, how about the Apple Cup in Seatle...boooo! Justin and I already had the talk about how disgusted we are today.
Enjoy the beautiful weather! Squeeze sweet Gabe for us.