Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The softball tournament that never was..

Poor Dad, he was all signed up and excited to play in a softball tournament in Spokane at Avista Stadium (where the Indians play) and it got canceled due to bad weather in the days leading up to the weekend. We had booked two nights at a hotel, so we stayed and had lots of fun anyway. Dad did get to play a little bit on Saturday. Grandma Lynn was nice enough to join us so Mom wasn't dragging poor Gabe all over Spokane by herself. The weather was great Saturday and Sunday, so we got to do all sorts of fun stuff!

After the first VERY long night at the hotel (Gabe seemed happy!)

Waiting for coffee at Four Seasons with Mom and Grandma

Gabe's first ride on a merry-go-round

Grandma's first Irish Car Bomb (way to go Grandma!)

Gabe and Dad being silly! (Neither one wanted to pose for a picture, so this is what I get)

Rocking his new swim shorts

Gabe swimming for the very first time

Looks like he enjoyed himself!

Also looks like we wiped him out


lynn said...

are you supposed to post pic's of Gramma's with no make-up on, and Irish car bombs?! :) It was so much fun being with you guys all weekend - have you caught up on your sleep yet?!! Love you all!!

Romany said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the pics! Hope to see you guys again soon!!