Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A great week for me and my coupons!

What a great week for amazing shopping deals, and it's only Tuesday! We've finally gotten to the point where we have a pretty good stock pile to pull from, I think we could eat for weeks without grocery shopping. I honestly think we may eat better now than before I started couponing and shopping for deals. I'm able to stretch our budget so much farther. I know you may not all care about my great deals, but it's kind of fun to document,
so bear with me. :)

Rite Aid
After coupons, spent $23.99 out of pocket
Will receive $24.50 in rebates

The picture doesn't show the two 20-qt bags of potting soil I bought, also. In a semi-motivated moment on Sunday, I actually planted our vegetable plants and seeds.

Albertsons Trip #1
After manufacturer coupons and double coupons,
spent $3.89 out of pocket

Albertsons Trip #2
Used manufacturer coupons and double coupons,
spent $1.04 out of pocket

I had to put this on here. My first transaction at Albertsons, the computer showed that it actually owed me a penny. Who knew it was possible?


Anonymous said...

mel you need to call me when you find good deals like this, I love saving money and where do you get your coupons? email me... I'm so proud of you, I love seeing your savings!i love albertsons also....