Monday, August 10, 2009

Miscellaneous summer fun..

We start every summer saying this, "We really don't have that much planned this year, we're not too busy." Then at the end of the summer we say, "Where in the world did that summer go? Do you remember having any spare time?" :) We have been SO busy, with me working some weekends, camping trips, concerts, rafting trips, high school reunions and the list goes on and on and on.. It's been a super fun summer though and we've gotten to do lots of great stuff. Getting to watch Gabe experience things for the first time has been so much fun! Now I am busy planning his first birthday party..

We went up to Selah last Sunday, just for the day, to visit with the McFarlane's as they were visiting her aunt and uncle Chrissy and Dave. We were surprised to find out that Mark and Mary were there also, Gabe had so many fun people to play with. I got to meet Della for the first time (I know, I'm a horrible friend..). Charlie decided he only wanted to swim with Gabe after he was dried off and out of his swim suit. :)

Swimming with Emilie and Mary

He thought all the boys were pretty hilarious!

Trying to get a good picture of Della and Gabe.. Della of course is smiling and Gabe of course looks like a moose.. He may have accidentally swallowed her after this picture was taken. :)

VERY tired boy after playing hard in the sun

Last week, I went to spend some time in Lacrosse and stay with the boys while my parents went up to Spokane. We had so much fun, getting to hang out with Uncle Chris and Justin (and quite a few of their friends..). We went to visit the farm animals, watched Uncle Justin lift weights, watched Uncle Chris lifeguard up at the pool. helped Uncle Justin water lawns and got to play with Gage Aune for an hour or so. These boys are going to be trouble together when they get a little older. ;)

Gabe and Gage

Riding with Grandpa

Throwing microwave popcorn out of the box. I'm blaming Stacy Aune for this one. I swear he overheard the story about Gage and the oatmeal. He now throws everything with quite a bit of force behind his head, then crawls to it and throws it again. :)

Trying desperately to get a good picture of Gabe and Mom (since there might only be two in existence..)


lynn said...

Our little sweetheart is growing up. Okay, he is definately slightly bigger than Della in that picture(ha). So much fun watching him grow, say cute words, try to walk..... we sure do love him!!

lynn said...

and to think, if you moved to LaCrosse :), Gabe would have such a good friend (Gage) to grow up with!!

Stacy said...

That just cracks me up! We will have to start spelling things out in front of the boys from now on! They are too much alike...I'm thinking the same thing...move to LaCrosse and best buds for life! Have a fantastic birthday celebration!!!