Friday, November 20, 2009

15 Months Old

I'm taking a cue from my best friend, who just recently blogged about her son's half birthday and talked about his milestones. If I don't write this stuff down now, I will completely forget!

Gabe will be 15 months old on November 21st and he has developed into quite the little dude. It's getting more and more fun to introduce him to new experiences because it seems like he actually understands what is going on. He loves playing with his buddies, trucks and cars, balls of all shapes and sizes, trains, books, animals and eating. He has quite the vocabulary and everywhere we go, people are amazed at all the words he knows. He says all the usual words like mama, dada, no, up and down. On top of that however, he can say hat, shoe, socks, please and thank you, cookie and cracker, kitty, dog, piggie, milk, water, toast, chicken, apple, banana, flower, truck, car and coat. He also says "Oooh, cool" if you hand him something, gives high fives and kisses. There are tons of words I'm forgetting, but it's great now that he can (sort of) tell us what he wants. My favorite is that he has starting asking for Mike, instead of dada. All day long while Mike is at work, he says "Mike, go?".

We're so lucky to be the parents of this amazing little boy. He is so smart and so much fun. I look forward to him waking up every morning, just to see what he has to say.


lynn said...

we are so very blessed to have such a beautiful, talkative :), simply adorable little grandbaby boy!!
I love having him say all his words when he first wakes up. One of my favorites is "BOOK" in his little high pitched voice!! i love you Mr. Magoo :)