Friday, December 18, 2009

The busy life of Gabe Hansen

Just a few miscellaneous pictures from the life and times of Gabe. We've sure had fun this holiday season, seeing friends, playing at open gym every week, making gingerbread houses and listening to nonstop Christmas music (Mom's preference). Even though Gabe is still pretty young, it's been fun to start some holiday traditions with him and start to see the holidays through his eyes. These are just a few pictures taken over the past month, no recurring theme whatsoever..

Climbed into the toy basket by himself

He chose the accessories, snow boots and a gold fish necklace..

Reading with Dad while bouncing on his stomach..
Fun for Dad, I'm sure..

Gage came over for a playdate so his mom could get a little uninterrupted shopping done

Helping Dad put together his tricycle

Going for a ride with Harper

Looking for Dad outside

His favorite pastime..

I just love this face..


Stacy said...

Oh, they are growing way too quickly!! Love the pic of the boys playing. All of these pictures you will treasure for a life time! Have a very Merry Christmas...enjoy each precious moment. Thanks again for letting Gage hang out!

lynn said...

Oh Melody, what sweet pictures. Looked like Gage and Gabe had lots of fun playing together. I LOVE the picture of Gabe reading. How cute he is!!