Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gabe's first hair cut

I've been kind of ignoring the fact that Gabe needed a hair cut pretty desperately. It's super fine, but was so long on top and in the back, it was getting a little out of control. I finally took him into Monkey Dooz last week for his first ever hair cut. He, of course, was the easiest kid in the world. I don't even think he realized he was getting his hair cut. He was pretty into the car they let him sit in.

This doesn't even begin to show how long his hair was. I don't have a picture of the giant fuzz ball he would wake up every morning with in the back.

Our little dude (this post would be complete if I had a picture post-hair cut, but I got nothing for you. I'll try to put one up in the next couple days. It turned out pretty cute!)


Stacy said...

How great is that place! Gage is so in need...I may have to follow suit. We too have the fuzz ball, but in Hawaii it was precious and so curly with the humidity. It so grows them up! Enjoy this special holiday season! God bless.

Romany said...

I love when they get their first haircut because then they look like little boys all of a sudden and not babies!! He's adorable Mel!!

lynn said...

Gabe's adorable with or without hair :))
Maybe Chris would like getting his hair cut if he could sit in a cute car at Monkey Dooz!!!