Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had such a wonderful holiday season, we're sad to see it go.. We started off our short Christmas break by doing last minute Christmas shopping (oh wait, that was only Mike..). We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma Linda and Aunt Doni (sorry to you both that I have no pictures!). We had a nice dinner and Gabe got to open his first round of gifts.

We left Christmas Eve night for Grandma and Grandpa Wargo's house so we could be there for Christmas morning. I have never been able to sleep Christmas Eve, even now at 28. I slept for maybe four hours before running upstairs to sit and stare at my stocking and drink endless cups of coffee until everyone else woke up. A few teenage boys we literally had to drag out of bed, literally DRAG..

Gabe didn't seem all that interested in opening his presents. He ripped a few here and there, but mostly ignored them and just wanted to run around the living room from person to person checking things out. Daniel was with us this year, he is a foreign exchange student from Germany who is living with my parents for the year. They have a tradition where they go around the circle and roll a die, you can only open a gift if you roll a six. We did that for the entire round of gifts and it took over three hours! It was nice being able to see what everyone else received and do it at a leisurely pace. Gabe just wanted to throw the dice around the room.

We stayed for four nights and it was VERY relaxing (even with three teenagers). The boys went hunting almost every morning and Grandma Lynn, Gabe and I just hung out and played with all our new toys. Mike and I took the boys to a movie in Pullman one night, our first since our anniversary in May.. Overall, it was a perfect holiday. Relaxing and zero stress, lots of yummy food and good quality bonding time with my smelly brothers.. :)

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Happy 2010!

Gabe opening a few of his gifts

I wish I could have captured a smile, but this may have been his favorite of anyone's presents. The largest tub of pretzels I've ever seen. Gabe ate about 90% of them..

This was halfway through opening presents. Gabe laid his head down on the floor and said "Night, night.." Too much commotion!

Mike's last present of the day. He was sent on a scavenger hunt before Uncle Chris drove him around town aimlessly.. This was their final destination! Mike was pretty thrilled..

Uncles Chris, Justin and Daniel singing Christmas tunes to Daniel's parents in Germany over Skype

Gabe enjoying his Christmas dinner

Playing on his new Rody

Mom on the Rody

And Uncle Chris..

Dad and Gabe ready to head up to the gym

Grandma Lynn and I

Gabe playing at the gym with the big kids

Grandpa Gary, Daniel, Mike and Justin

On our last night, Pete the cat decided to check out what was happening in the bathtub


lynn said...

what cute pictures Melody!! thanks for posting them! You should frame the one of Mike and Gabe (heading up to the gym) - that is adorable of both of them!! we sure had fun and now for a Happy New Year!!!!