Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The newest member of the Hansen family..

It's so hard
to say goodbye
to yesterday..

Okay, not really..

Thank you Ford Taurus, for a long and happy life. You were still trucking along at almost 160,000 miles. You carried countless people, pets, toys, babies, groceries and so much more..

I will miss your crazy quirks a little bit. Such character you had, when your windshield wipers would go off in the 105 degree weather, prompting people to look at me like I was slightly out of my mind. Your dashboard lights were so festive, saying philosophical things like "Check Engine" and "Low Coolant" and "Check your Airbags, Moron".

Thank you for getting us where we needed to go in fantastic mom-style, even before we had kids.. I hope you find a good home, to someone who is over 29..

Welcome to the Hansen family, you adorable little Nissan. I could just pinch your cheeks! Here's to many, many miles of happy travel, smushed up crackers in the back seat, fingerprints on the windows and a trunk packed to the gills with baby paraphernalia..

Here's to driving down the road listening to a CD in the CD player. Who knew these things existed?

Thank you for accomodating my children so well on their maiden voyage. Thank you for not insisting on a five-point turnaround just to get into the Starbucks drive-thru. Thank you for going through the Starbucks drive-thru twice in less than 24 hours..

Welcome to our crazy world!


lynn said...

Woo Hoo Mike and Melody - a new car!!! I know you'll miss the quirks of the "space wagon" but it's a car you can talk about for the rest of your life! I'm pretty sure our family was the only one to own one of those, haaaa!!!!

jenhector said...

Hooray!!!!! :) Love it!!! Although, I will miss the wagon a bit...you "wore" it well. :) How fun though! I know with all of your intense budgeting and saving, you guys have sure earned it!!!!!

Romany said...

CONGRATS!!! You guys deserve a new car! Enjoy your CD player:)