Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tales of "The Boy Who Never Stopped Growing"

I can't believe that Cole is five months old already! You would never know that this kid started out his life around seven pounds, I swear he weighs more than I do now.. He is over twenty pounds and in the 105th percentile for his age. He is all chub and rolls and dimples, quite possibly the cutest baby I have ever seen..

Hanging out at the park with Mom and Brother

Enjoying a visit from Aunt Gina and cousin Julie

Nothing cuter than Baby Legs on a pair of chubby legs..

Eating solid food with Dad

Check out those legs, at least he can't go anywhere..


Dave said...

That last picture (and caption) is priceless. It'll be fun for these kids to look back on these blog posts in 10-15 years..