Friday, November 18, 2011

October Hansen Happenings

Even though we are most of the way through November already, I thought I would give a recap of the Hansen Family October. I can NOT keep up with this year!

We took a trip to Bill's Berry Farm in Grandview to pick out our family pumpkins, eat far too many homemade pumpkin donuts and play in the hay bales.

We seriously annoyed our brother, prompting him to say "Cole is driving me CRAZY".

We raked up what felt like endless amounts of leaves. Everyday, the boys and I hung out outside cleaning up the driveway to burn off some energy. The boys had extra energy, not me.

We looked like a serious rock star on our bike.

We thoroughly enjoyed Halloween this year. We ate far too much candy, went trick or treating around the neighborhood and our favorite part of the Trunk or Treat we went to was the goat on the back of a truck.

After all the festivities, we ate a very healthy dinner of Lay's potato chips and tormented the cat.

We celebrated Dad's serious pumpkin-carving skills.

We just plain ran around. All day long. Smiling ear to ear.

We learned that Mom sings around the house more than she'd like to admit. Either that or Gabe is secretly listening to Maroon 5 at night while he's supposed to be sleeping.


Lynn said...

I adore these boys!!!!!