Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family and Friends Trip

Grandma Lynn, Gabe and Mom took a trip up to Anacortes to visit all of our family and friends. It was a VERY fast and busy trip! It was nice for everyone to meet Gabe, he did so well travelling all the way up there and back and forth all day.

We left Tri-Cities right after he received his first set of shots. If you look closely at the picture below, he has band-aids on his legs. He was a trooper! Mom and Dad are very lucky they have such a good baby.

Aunt Lori was very nice to let us take over her house for a few days. Uncle Robert and David were gone in Colorado hunting so we had the house to ourselves. Which was good, because apparently when you have a baby, the amount of stuff you have to travel with increases tenfold?

Gabe got to camp in his new Pea Pod (which Mom would totally recommend to anyone traveling with a babe)! It folds down into about a 12 x 12 case and comes with an inflatable mattress. Gabe loved camping!

All the excitement got to Gabe early. He fell asleep in the middle of playing while Mom and Grandma were getting ready.

We visited with Monique, Hollie and Grady for an evening. Monique made us dinner. We tried to get better pictures of Gabe, but he got cranky. :)

We also visited the Kerr family. We can't believe how big Camryn and Talin have gotten. Camryn wanted to hold Gabe the entire time we were there and was very interested in him. Talin just tried to take back his shoes that Romany had given to Gabe.

We visited Monique at work (Gabe had had enough excitement for the day).

We also visited Linda and her mom Ruth (I told you we were busy!)

We got to see so many other people that we didn't even get pictures of. We saw Val Robinson, Mary Kiser and great aunt Gina in a library parking lot in Seattle. This was just the beginning of the trip. We then started home and made stops along the way.