Sunday, November 2, 2008

We made a stop at the McFarlane house on our way back home and stayed a night. Again, we took over the house. Charlie is getting so big and definitely has found his personality. He was totally into Gabe. We went shopping at U-Village, had dinner and some delicious ice cream at Red Mango. We had such a great time visiting, it was nice to see Emilie before she has Baby McFarlane #2.

Emilie got some great pictures of Gabe. Love the big smile!

Grandma Lynn read to Charlie and Gabe. Gabe sat still a little better than Charlie.. :)

Charlie was really into Gabe's diaper changes. He liked to carry around the Butt Paste.

Charlie giving the Pea Pod a try

He was obsessed with giving Gabe his pacifier (most of the time when he didn't want it). He was very helpful!


The Hansen Family said...

Comments! Woo hoo! This is my favorite blog post ever.

The McFarlane Family said...

Oops! Apparently you can comment on yourself and I forgot to log out of your account. Your first comment was reallly from Charlie and Emilie