Friday, January 2, 2009

Gabe's First Christmas!

The Hansen family had a wonderful Christmas! Gabe got spoiled beyond belief (of course) and I'm sure if he had any idea what was going on, he would have been very excited. :)

We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma Hansen and Aunt Doni at our house eating way too much food! We followed dinner by opening more presents than I have ever seen! We only got a few pictures, Gabe was a little cranky..

Our little chunky monkey squeezed into his new chair

Gabe having fun in his new walker

Christmas Eve night, after dinner, we headed up to Lacrosse. It took us a little longer than normal, due to the fact that we were stuck in the middle of quite the snow storm. We arrived at around 10:30 to a massive amount of snow! We spent three nights in Lacrosse relaxing, eating way too much, drinking coffee, sledding, watching Uncles Chris and Justin play basketball, playing games, watching movies and playing the new Wii Fit..

A few pictures of the view from Grandma and Grandpa Wargo's new house

Gabe getting ready to celebrate on his very first Christmas Day! Notice the booties (thanks Emilie!)

Gabe had a great time!

Telling us all about how much he likes his new presents

Dancing with Dad

Hanging out with Mom before she went sledding

Mom building a jump with Uncles Chris and Justin (Dad didn't want to brave the snow)

Mom and Grandma being pushed down the hill!! I swear we went a hundred miles an hour!

Hanging out with Dad

Gabe was so busy with all the activities, he just couldn't stay awake.. Or because he was watching some sort of exciting documentary with Grandpa :)


lynn said...

I'm sure Grandpas TV documentary is what put Gabe right to sleep!!!
Great pictures ~~ sweet memories for baby Gabes first Christmas!
Love you guys - love mom

The McFarlane Family said...

Cute! I can't believe how big that kiddo is getting! I miss him!

Romany said...

He is getting so big! He'll be crawling by the time I see him next:) Great pics!