Friday, April 24, 2009

Gabe's first trip to the park

Last weekend, Gabe and Mom hit the park with a few friends. It wasn't super nice, but it was so nice to see our friends Sara and Dani and to just get outside. Gabe watched Harper and Audrey play on the playground with Mom, while little Erik decided to sleep (Gabe likes Erik, he feels like a big kid around him..).

Gabe ready to go parking it

Gabe and Mom

Audrey and Harper (respectively) loving the zip line swing

Dani teaching Gabe how to knock things down


lynn said...

Gabe looks so adorable all bundled up in his Mariners jacket!! Looks like alot of fun at the park with friends!!! If Gabe gets any cuter, I don't know what we'll do!!!! Love ya, gramma lynn