Friday, April 24, 2009

When did I get so lucky?

Seriously, I used to never win ANYTHING! Ever since I started following some of these great mom bloggers, I have started to win stuff like crazy! I have already posted about the baby food I won, but I also won some great seasonings from Tupperware. It doesn't end there, I'm on a roll! I just recently won some awesome shoes for Gabe by See Kai Run from Thrifty and Chic Mom (who is one of my favorites, since she ran a great giveaway for me this week!).

Can't wait to see these on Gabe!

Just recently, I won a ton of scrapbooking supplies from News Around the Blogs. I'm so excited about this, because this kind of stuff can get super expensive! I love the chance to follow all of these new blogs and get great thrifty ideas from all kinds of other mamas. Combined, they have saved us so much money with freebies, coupons, discounts, sales and all kinds of generally fabulous ideas to cut costs. Winning some giveaways can't hurt, either.. :)