Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our first hospital stay..

What a week for the Hansen family! We all picked up some nasty bug somewhere and are still trying to fight it off. I got so sick that Grandma Lynn had to come down and help out with Gabe, so Mike could at least go to work. We took Gabe into the pediatrician on Friday morning and he ended up having to be admitted to the hospital overnight. He was so dehydrated and lethargic that they had to hook him up to an IV. He was such a trooper, even though it took them four times to find a good vein. He was so dried up, poor kiddo! We spent about 28 hours in the hospital, but then got to come home and recover. It was scary and shocking and even humbling to all of us. We've been so lucky with Gabe not being sick at all, not even a runny nose. This just goes to show that we never know what's around the corner.

Sleeping like a baby

Even sick, he still chewed on everything! To top it all off, he had a tooth coming in..

Snuggling with Mom

Gabe's IV

Heading home

Home and on the mend (Thanks Grandma, for all your help!)


Stacy said...

Oh, I'm so sad! He looks so sweet and happy in his hospital bed. Those IV's make a mom sad! Isn't it the worst when your baby is put into the hospital? You feel so helpless and scared, yet so relieved that someone is able to do something to help them. Hope you all are back on track very soon. Sending prayers!

jenhector said...

:( almost made me cry...breaks your heart when they feel so bad. Glad you're all feeling better :)

lynn said...

Oh Melody, seeing these pictures just makes me sad all over again. Poor little guy, and to think one of the tell tale signs he wasn't feeling well was because he wasn't smiling and quacking like a duck!! I'm so glad he's better and you're home from that small little hospital room with the uncomfy chair (hee).
Love you, Mom