Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy double coupons!

What a week for deals and steals! Albertsons had two sets of double coupons published, one on Wednesday and one on Sunday. I was able to get numerous sets from family members and my friend Kristi, who got all the leftover ads from Starbucks. You can only use one set of three per shopping trip, so I think I spent more time at Albertsons this week than I did at home.
But it was worth it!

Poor Mike.. I was trying to be a little more efficient, so I had him go through the line for me with a set of double coupons while I went through another line. Apparently, this is a no-no and Mike got in trouble. I have always had friendly cashiers there, but he happened to find a grumpy one. I had only been through like ten times, but he went through once and he got read the riot act. Such a great husband, he didn't even complain.. :)

Total out of pocket: 50 cents!

Total out of pocket: $3.67

Total out of pocket: ZERO!

Total out of pocket: 50 cents!

Gabe and I took a trip to Rite Aid yesterday to score some free stuff. Not included in the picture is a 12 oz bottle of contact lens solution.

Total out of pocket: a profit of 56 cents plus I will receive a free tote bag jammed pack with free Aveeno samples ($40 value)

Who knew a store could pay you to shop and it's perfectly legal?

So for everything pictured above, I paid $4.11. I can't even begin to imagine what the price would have been had we paid full price. Around $75?


Anonymous said...

now I'm jealous with all these good deals Mel, you need to call me tell me how to use the double coupons, i'm confused.....

Anonymous said...

oh that was me by the way
Rachell Newman