Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where does the time go.. (Is this a recurring theme?)

This post is slightly overdue.. These pictures are from a few weeks ago during one of my numerous trips to my parents house this month. This weekend will be our third in a row! Gabe and I headed over to watch Uncle Justin in his 8th grade moving up ceremony. I can't even believe that he is going to be in high school (although I can believe he's 14, but that's another story). As I write this, he and Uncle Chris are at football camp at Whitworth. There's part of me that feels like they are my own kids growing up too fast. Gabe wasn't really into sitting still at the ceremony, so I spent most of the time chasing after him while he tried to stick his fingers in the fan, so I didn't get any pictures. Sorry Justin, but we're so proud of you and excited for your next adventure!

Gabe hanging out with Grandpa while he installed drip lines (Dad will be proud, reaching for that football with his left hand..)

Both Uncle Chris and Justin have animals they are raising to show at the fair this year, so we took Gabe down to visit. Here he is with the baby goats..

Uncle Justin's pig

Uncle Chris's cow, Topher

Swinging at the park for the first time! I wish you could have heard his hilarious giggle every time I pushed him higher

First mohawk

This is Grandma's candle cupboard (completely full thanks to her support of my business). It started innocently enough..

And this is how it turned out..

We got to stay long enough to have the pleasure of hearing Uncle Chris play piano at the high school graduation on Saturday. He played backup to Tim Stamper, a family friend, who sang The River by Garth Brooks. They both did an amazing job. Chris learned the piece in three or four days, it sounded wonderful!


The McFarlane Family said...

His hair is so blond! He looks just like his mommy!

lynn said...

Sweet posting Mel - Gabe can come over anytime and dump out my candle cupboard (ha). He may be a romantic man someday if he'd learn to stop eating the wax!!
Nice picture of Chris and Tim - makes me proud - and yes, they are growing up too fast!
Love mom