Thursday, June 11, 2009

Calling all moms and dads..

UPDATE: It looks like new customers might be able to use the code NEW5 to get an additional $5 off diapers or formula! is having a HUGE semi-annual sale through July 2nd on everything from diapers and wipes to safety items, baby food, toys, sunscreen and tons more! They have super fast shipping on orders over $49 and you can use the code MELX2989 to save $10 on your first order. I won't lie, we do get credit if you use this code. :) If you sign up, you can then send your code to friends and get credit for them signing up. I love this site, we have ordered twice and it has been so easy! You can even send in your manufacturer coupons and combine them with deals!


The McFarlane Family said...

Can you use both? The $5 and the $10??? And the coupons from the sale?