Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Mom and Dad have been up to..

Every year, Mike's cousins and a ton of their family and friends go up and float the Wenatchee River. It's a huge production, this year they did a rough count on Saturday and there were about 80 people. Two years ago when we went, there was over 100. We missed last year due to me being enormously pregnant. :) It is SO much fun! Gabe stayed with my parents for the weekend, so we could go and have no responsibilities for a few days. We headed up early Friday morning, so we could float both Friday and Saturday. Both days it took about five hours and involved a LOT of sun, a LOT of people and their boats, a few little rapids, some squirt guns and a few beers. :)

Start of the Friday float

View of Lake Wenatchee from the opening of the river

Me, Mike's cousin Nickie and her cousin Heather

Every trip we go on, we have to have one of these.. :)