Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fray

Two weekends ago, Mike and I took Chris and Corbin up to Spokane to see The Fray. Apparently, so I'm told, Chris has been patiently waiting for this ALL summer, he loves this band! Gabe stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Wargo overnight. The concert was a lot of fun, they put on a great show. It gave me a new appreciation for their music, and I always get a little more excited when I hear it on the radio now. Chris and Corbin had a great time too, Chris never sat down once during the entire concert. It was also really nice for Mike and I to get away and have a night without responsibilities. :) After the concert was over, all four of us roamed around downtown Spokane and hung out in the hotel. It was fun to have nowhere to be.

Heading to the concert. Our hotel was right next door to the Performing Arts Center!

Mike and I spent some quality time at the beer stand (during the two opening bands who we had never heard of)

I did sit down during the concert a few times..

If you look closely, all the guys on stage are dressed like the Village People. One of the opening acts came out and interrupted one of the Fray's songs with YMCA. You can see a cowboy, a fireman and a sailor just to name a few.

Very end of the concert. They brought out everyone involved with the show for the curtain call, including their kids. :)

We got so lucky and found out the band was staying at our hotel! Chris and Corbin saw a few of the members the night of the concert. I went down to check out Saturday morning and ended up sharing a ride with Joe King, the guitarist. I had to ask him his name (I had no idea!) and we chatted for approximately four floors, before I had the guts to ask him for a picture.

Corbin sound asleep the morning after the concert. We thought he looked rather angelic.. :)


lynn said...

you guys had fun, I know!! Melody, I know you are still on Cloud 9 riding in the elevator with the lead guitarist!! Chris looks like he's having the time of his life - and Corbin, awww what a sweet kid even when he's sleeping :) thanks for taking the boys!!