Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My 10 year AHS reunion

A few weeks ago, we all headed up to Anacortes for the weekend so Mike and I could attend my 10 year high school reunion. Grandma Wargo came with us to help with Gabe, so we wouldn't have to find a babysitter. We had such a great time and were busy every day, seeing lots of friends and family we haven't seen for awhile.

We went up Thursday morning so we could watch the Mariners get shelled by the Yankees that night (UGH!). They lost 11-1, but it was still fun taking Gabe to his first Mariners game.

Heading into the stadium

Since the game started around Gabe's normal bedtime, he was only content being held and walked around the stadium for pretty much the whole game (we worked shifts).

Grandma and Gabe

Grandma and I tried very hard to win rally fries, but it was not our night. We jumped around waving our sign every chance we got!

He fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up once when we got back to the hotel, even through a diaper change. Too much baseball fun wore him out!

Hanging out at Aunt Lori and Uncle Robert's house (thanks for letting us stay!)

Mike, Gabe and I got to visit Mike's cousins Kate and Joey and their brand new baby girl Hanna. She was born super early and only weighed around 4 1/2 pounds at the time of our visit. She was so tiny and so sweet! I barely remember how to hold a baby that small, ours has turned into a bit of a moose. ;)

Ready to head to the reunion

Emilie and I

I had such an amazing time, seeing all of my old friends from high school. I know it's only been ten years, but having moved away from home, I only see a few people on a regular basis. I know we have Facebook and Myspace now, but there is absolutely no substitute for seeing old friends in person. The reunion was at the casino outside of Anacortes, so Mike got a little gambling in while we were watching our senior video. We had a great dinner, a FEW drinks and tons of memories and laughter. It was so great to be back!

Two of my very best friends, Emilie and Romany

The last time I saw Noelle was over three years ago at our wedding. She and I used to be absolutely inseparable and got in way too much trouble together. :)

Gabe got so bored and hungry on the way home that he started to eat his toes. :)


Romany said...

I LOVE your rally fries sign! I can't believe you guys didn't get them!!

lynn said...

Oh Mel, I love the pic's. You are so good at capturing the moments. You and Mike look so, ready for your 10 year class reunion. Gabe is the most precious little boy on earth!! Thank God he is in our lives! Thanks for taking me along...... I loved every second of the trip. Love mom