Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buddies from the womb

Gabe and Gracey didn't really have a choice in the matter of their friendship. Gracey's mom, Sarah and I got pregnant at the same time and were actually due on the same day. Gracey ended up being born eight days after Gabe and they have been playdate buddies ever since.

At first, of course, they barely even knew the other was there lying next to them, but now they interact and are so hysterical! Gracey is a very typical girl, quite dramatic and likes to show Gabe how to do everything. Being a typical boy, he generally ignores her and tries very hard to play with his toys before she takes them away. That being said, they get very excited to see each other and we think they have now learned how to say each other's names.

Two months old

Three months old

Four months old and still holding hands..

And she's done..

Nine months old at the Farmer's Market

Thirteen months old
Gracey is filling him in on all the latest gossip and Gabe is pretending not to hear..

Hug or choke hold?

This is usually where the two of them get to meet up, Albertsons or Rite Aid. Sarah and I are slightly coupon crazy, so we go deal shopping all the time and the kids get to share gossip, toys and crackers from their respective carts. All the cashiers know us and our kids now..

Playing in the parking lot of Albertsons (is that sad?)


jenhector said...

So is the table toy with the book in the middle hers? She looks like she is really annoyed that he is so interested in it (because it's hers, she's over it) and he looks like he just wants to tell her to leave him alone so he can figure the thing out (typical man) :) So cute!

lynn said...

you two are absolutely adorable! Keep playing together, your love will continue to grow!!