Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gabe's half birthday!

I can NOT believe that Gabe is a year and a half old, it's utter madness! This kid has developed such a personality. He has discovered whining gets our attention when he is not getting his way. He has discovered that he loves to be outside, he would probably sleep out there with the dogs if we let him. He says "NO" to everything, then laughs and runs away. He has developed a strong feeling about some of his books and vetoes all things Sandra Boynton. He will say "No, No, NO" until you stop reading them and move on to something else. He went to the bathroom in his potty chair once, which was a VERY small victory as now he looks at it and says "NO!" :)

All that said, he does say wonderful things like "I love you mama" and insists on saying goodnight to the kitty every night. If you ask him how he is doing, he says "Good". He tries very hard to put on his own socks, shoes, hat and coat. He wants to be involved in everything that I do, from cooking to doing laundry. We just love this kid so much! Happy half birthday Gabe!

Wearing Dad's socks

Sporting a serious case of bed head

Hanging out outside with Dad

Sitting at the table like a big kid..

Gabe apparently wanted the kitty to play catch with him and she was NOT interested!


lynn said...

a year and a half has flown by! We love you little Buddy Boy - you are truly the light of our lives!!