Monday, February 8, 2010

Mariners Fan Fest!

Two weekends ago, Mike, Gabe and I headed up to Seattle for Mariners Fan Fest. We had such a great time. As most of you know, we're huge Mariners fans and are so excited for the season to start. This trip satisfied our need for baseball for a few days. :) I would seriously suggest this to anyone, it was super cheap and we got to see all kinds of behind the scenes stuff at Safeco.

We got to run out on the field, see the dugout, the player's clubhouse and meet a few of the players. It got CRAZY busy towards the end of the time we were there, so my suggestion, get there CRAZY early. :)

We stayed with Emilie and Brett and got to play with Charlie and Della, who we haven't seen in forever. We had such a great time, although we have no pictures. It was pretty hectic with three kiddos running around and Em and I trying to do a massive coupon trip that ended with Mike and Brett having to feed all three starving kids dinner. Thanks boys!

This is when we arrived! The line wrapped all around Safeco one way, then back around the other way..

The Hansen family with Rhubarb, the Rainier moose

Manager Wakamatsu and Dave Niehaus

Gabe and Dad running the bases. I was so flipping excited to do this! There was something so amazing about being on the field where the players play..

Sitting in the dugout

The player's clubhouse and a few of our favorite players. I could live in the clubhouse for the rest of my life and be totally comfortable.

So, I actually introduced myself to Rowland-Smith when he walked by, but didn't want to bother him for a picture, so this is the best I get..


lynn said...

Wow, you did have a great time!! I love the one of Gabe running the bases and of you sitting in the dugout. SO CUTE!!!! Your mini-mariner fan is adorable!!!

Romany said...

Fun! We actually considered going but just didn't get around to it! I guess next year we should go and meet you there:) Cute pics!!