Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter this year! Being a year older, Gabe was able to enjoy a little more of the festivities and it was fun just being home with our little family for the day. Gabe didn't get to enjoy everything, I ended up dying the eggs by myself while he was napping. It seemed a little easier. :)

Easter 2009 (See the wind-up chicken behind him? He still has that (minus a head) and plays with it all the time!)

Gabe and his Easter basket 2010

Easter egg hunt with Dad

A rare picture of Gabe and Mom (and baby brother)

Mike's mom and sister came down for dinner and I couldn't resist taking a picture of our dessert. It was sinful!

After a hard day's work..


Romany said...

Finally! A pic with a bit of the baby bump:) you should post more! Easter definitely gets more fun and exciting the older they get!

jenhector said...

I do wish we (the moms) didn't always end up behind the camera...the rare photos we make it into usually turn out pretty cute :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute pic's Mel - and how he's grown in a year. I love that last years wind-up bunny is minus a head (awww Boys!!). The dessert looks absolutely devine and I want you to make that for me sometime (Mothers Day??? - ha!!)
love you, Mom