Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crazy fun weekend with the McFarlane's

We spent a REALLY fun weekend with the McFarlane family. Traveling and staying away from home with kids is usually hectic and crazy, but we jammed so much fun stuff into one weekend and somehow Gabe slept better there than he does at home. :)

Mike and I left all three kids with Emilie on Friday night and went to watch Cliff Lee's debut with the Mariners (Thanks Em!). It was a LOT of walking for a pregnant girl, mainly because I'm too cheap to pay for parking. I have no pictures of the game because I forgot to charge the camera but I'll give you a recap. Twelve innings of stellar pitching but ABSOLUTELY no action and the Mariners ended up losing in the end. We did get Felix Hernandez bobbleheads..

We spent Saturday morning at the zoo and had a fabulous dinner out (with coupons of course) on Saturday night. Emilie introduced me to Cupcake Royale, we were supposed to share between all of us but I think I may have ended up eating the majority of them. :)

This will probably be our last trip out of town before the baby comes and we made it worth it!

Gabe and Dad checking out the hippos (Brett was impressed!)

This does no justice to how huge they were

Gabe checking out the elephants

Gabe and Charlie (Charwey to Gabe)

Sweet Della at the penguin tank

Gabe hasn't stopped talking about the penguins since we left

I have never seen a peacock unfurled like this before, beautiful!

Gabe was such a trooper on the way home


jenhector said...

:) I love your line "mainly because I'm too cheap to pay for parking..." !! :) At least you don't try to blame it on someone else.

Anonymous said...

these pic's are adorable. I can tell Gabe loved the zoo! I love the last picture - I could just "eat him up"!!! He is so adorable. Hugs, love gramma!!