Monday, June 28, 2010

The arrival of Cole Anthony Hansen

Cole Anthony Hansen came barreling into the world on Friday June 11th at 10:11 AM. He weighed in at 7 lbs 14 ounces and stretched out to 20.5" long.

His delivery went off without a hitch, but he had some fluid in his lungs so he had to start out his little life in the Special Care Nursery at the hospital. He was on oxygen for a few days and hooked up to an IV, so he didn't get to eat for a few days. We did get to go in and talk to him and after a few days, he was taken off oxygen and we could hold him and I was able to feed him. It was really bizarre being in the hospital for so long and not having him in our room. For the first few nights, we actually slept through the night and during the day watched a lot of TV. After five long days, he was discharged from the hospital and has been growing and growing ever since. He is doing really well and we are all starting to settle in at home. Big Brother Gabe is finally starting to pay attention to him, saying things like "Where'd brother go?" or "What's the baby doing?" or my personal favorite, "Good night brother". Melts my heart!

We have had tons of help and several dinners made for us. We have been really blessed with good friends and family who have been reaching out while we are getting used to being a family of four.

Welcome to the world, Baby Cole!

Big Brother waiting patiently to meet Cole

Dad and Cole immediately after his birth

Notice Goal #1: See my baby? I didn't get to see him for almost a whole day!

Gabe trying out the sweet slipper socks the hospital gave us..

Mom and Gabe

All scrubbed up and ready to see Brother in the nursery

Gabe's first time seeing Cole

Mom and Cole

Our little bubble boy..

All ready to go home


jenhector said...

I just love the picture of Mike and Gabe all scrubbed up going to see Cole. Such a great photo :) Can't wait to see some recent pics of the little dude!!!

lynn said...

The picture of Mike and Gabe holding hands is one of my favorites! And the one of Baby Cole in his little bubble hearing you talk to him and telling him he was going to be just fine!! Love you all.....
love mom