Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have been such a slacker blogger! Since we are heading in to the hospital in the morning to meet our new little dude, I thought I would dedicate one last blog post to Gabe as an only child. He seems pretty indifferent to the fact that he's getting a baby brother. Although, I'm pretty sure if I told him Elmo was coming to live with us, he'd be pretty excited. :)

We just love you and all of your personality! You have better conversation skills than some adults I know. Just being in the hospital for a few nights, I am going to miss your sweet little hugs and "I love you too Mommys". We can't wait to see how you take to being a big brother!

Getting ready for swimming lessons

Swimming with Sarah and Gracey

Sporting Dad's shoes

I think the spaghetti won this battle..

I just thought he looked like such a little man in this outfit

Helping Dad try out the new double stroller. The monkey is a stand-in for baby brother.