Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything Lacrosse has to offer..

I took the boys to visit Grandma and Grandpa Wargo for most of last week and Gabe had more fun than I think is legal for almost two year old. His uncles took him all over the place, he got to visit with friends and Grandpa Gary took him on all kinds of adventures. Grandpa Gary also got up in the middle of the night with Cole so I could sleep a little bit. I think he might actually be an angel who doesn't require any sleep.. :)

Gabe and Uncle Chris heading to the park, this might be the cutest picture I have ever seen..

Riding the 4-wheeler with Grandpa

This was about as exciting as life got for Cole

Going swimming at the big pool with Uncle Justin

Feeding the chickens at the Dorman's farm

Helping gather the eggs..


Rom said...

Fun! I cannot believe how much dark hair Cole has! And how light Gabe's hair is!! Hope all is well with you!

jenhector said...

Cole looks SO much like Gabe! :) And I love that first picture of Gabe walking with his uncle...he looks like such a little man! :)

lynn said...

I'm glad Gabe loves hanging out with Grandpa!! 'cuz I can tell you the feelings mutual :) Uncle Chris and Justin love playing with the boys!!! LaCrosse is a perfect little town for grandbaby boys to come and visit!!