Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gabe's birthday week

Gabe had QUITE the birthday week! It's a rough life for a two year old.. The night before his birthday, we packed up the family and went for ice cream. I think this was Gabe's first ice cream cone! He was a fan..

I'm apparently not very good at hiding gifts, as Gabe found his present the night before his birthday. He can't quite reach the pedals, but he trucks around pretty good anyway.

Cole and his pet bird thought it was all pretty exciting..

Picking out his new Tag Junior book at Toys R Us

The kind folks at Red Robin sang Happy Birthday to Gabe and he wasn't quite sure what to think..

Digging into his ice cream sundae

The birthday boy

Gabe and Dad got to go to a Dust Devils game. Gabe ran Dad ragged and came home with a foam finger..

Gabe got TWO birthday cakes! Thanks to the Wargo's for calling in all of our birthdays to the radio station. Mike and I each won a cake, which meant I did not have to bake..

We had Gabe's birthday party the weekend after his actual birthday. Cole couldn't handle all the festivities..

Mom, Grandpa and Uncle Chris

Three of my four pregnant friends at the party. Don't become my friend.. You WILL get pregnant!

Giving Uncle Justin a birthday hug

Gabe was really into having everyone sing to him. He asked everyone at the party to sing Happy Birthday again. Apparently, he sang Happy Birthday to the trees later..

Blowing out the candles..

Later that evening, Gabe got to go spend the night in a hotel with Grandma and Grandpa Wargo. I'm not sure that anyone got any sleep, but Gabe sure had a great time.

Happy birthday Gabe! What an amazing kiddo you are. We are so blessed to get to spend time with you every day and watch you learn and grow and talk like an adult. You constantly amaze us with the things you come up with. I think you may be the smartest boy in the universe.. And the sweetest..


lynn said...

Such cute pic's for the birthday boy!!! We love you little Gabe! And P.S., did you tell your Mom that we sang Happy B'day to you at 2a.m. at the hotel that night?! You just didn't want your birthday to end!! Hugs and Kisses to you!

jenhector said...

How fun :) Can't believe how chubby Cole is!!! They are both so sweet :)

The McFarlane Family said...

Cute pics! The funny/sad part about that preggo pic is that we are all due the same week yet the other girls have normal tummies and I look like I might pop. Am I really that big? Please tell me that picture is an optical illusion.