Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cole - Seven months

Our sweet baby Cole is already seven months old! He is already sitting up and scooting backwards and in circles, hasn't figured out forward yet. He is growing so fast, I imagine part of this growth is that he eats more than the rest of our family put together.. He is quite possibly, the sweetest and most easy-going child that ever lived. Maybe that's because my comparison is his two year old tornado of a brother?

P.S. These are 18 month pajamas he is squeezed into..

Little dude's dimple out in full force. This kid is going to be a lady killer..

Just in case you needed a giggle today..


lynn said...

Oh my gosh Mel, he is SO CUTE!!!! So sweet and he certainly made me giggle =) Love him!!!

Mommy said...

What a cute giggle he has!!! Love it.

jenhector said...

Well that was just precious :)

Linda said...

He is the cutest little guy and the best! His giggle is so cute! Love you!

Romany said...

How can you not laugh and smile when a baby giggles?!? It's just not possible! He is absolutely adorable Mel! Miss you guys!