Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 2010

We had such a wonderful month of December and holiday season. It did go by super fast, but we were really able to enjoy it this year, spending time with friends and doing all kinds of fun Christmasy-type things..

Gabe enjoying the first snow fall

More outrageous attempts at a good Christmas card shot

Apple Cup in Pullman, WA (notice, no kids?)

Helping decorate the tree and doing a surprisingly good job

Poor Cole got dressed up by Dad and Gabe

Helping Mom make dinner

Decorating and eating cookies with Gracey and Harper, which was a hilarious disaster

Christmas morning and Santa gifts! We spent the morning with just our little family, opening gifts and having a nice breakfast. We then spent the rest of the day getting ready for Mike's mom and sister to come down for dinner and another Christmas celebration.

That evening, we packed up and headed to Lacrosse, where we spent Christmas Day. My pictures from that trip are pretty much nonexistent, since I came down with a nasty flu about five seconds after we finished opening gifts. Despite being sick, we did have a wonderful holiday and really enjoyed spending time with our families.

"Helping" Cole open his gifts

While Cole played with wrapping paper..

Cole apparently enjoyed his holiday..

Playing trains together in Lacrosse

Gabe in his "greenbag", as he calls it.. This pretty much sums up how we all felt after the holiday..


Romany said...

Great pics Mel! You're boys are getting too big!! Can't wait to see you guys (when that happens!)