Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Request from cousin David

I had a request for videos of Gabe talking from David (who is in Japan and I'm pretty sure has never even met my kids). These videos are for serious fans of the Hansen boys, as they aren't doing anything super spectacular. Just a day in the life..


Dave said...

Yaaaaay!! Thanks so much, Mel! I love your commentary. I was thinking "uh-oh" at the same time you said "oh dear..." Cracked me up. Also, "See you later, balloon." Definitely got some smiles and laughs out of me - thanks. :)

lynn said...

Mel, I wonder if David knows this is a very quiet day in the life of Gabe the Babe!!! =) He'll just have to come and visit and see the boys in person!!!!!

Kristin Clumpner said...

Hey, I remember doing that puzzle at Thanksgiving!