Saturday, April 2, 2011

More trips to Lacrosse

We have taken several trips to Lacrosse this past month (the boys and I) because Mike started playing softball and it's not very much fun sitting at home by ourselves. My favorite thing in the whole world is walking in to my parents clean house, knowing Mom just cleaned and vacuumed and watching my kids destroy it in a matter of seconds. :)

We also headed over a few days ago to watch Uncle Chris give his senior presentation speech. Just a few more months until he graduates high school.. It's an awfully bittersweet moment for me watching him grow up in parallel to my boys just starting their life. I wish I could bottle up my kids and keep them this young forever..

Hanging out at the park

Gabe riding the teeter-totter with Grandpa

"Racing" bikes with Grandpa

Quite possibly the sweetest cheeks in the world

You should have seen what was going on in the background trying to get these kids to smile

Sharing a snack with Pete. If you look closely, you can see the Wite-Out that Gabe put on like makeup..

Watching the crop dusters circle back and forth, fascinating!


lynn said...

I love these memories Melody! We always have so much fun when you come to visit (even if the house is a cyclone a few min's after you arrive, haaaa!!!!)..... love you all and can't wait for the next time you come over!