Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Hansen boys know how to live it up..

Seriously, these boys know how to have a good time.

They read books on their four-wheeler

They drive around with giant foam fingers on their four-wheeler

They take their laundry basket to "work" on their four-wheeler

They ride on the four-wheeler together. And attempt to destroy the house.

They play in kitchen drawers

They eat serious quantities of beans in their pink high chair

They entertain their Dad for hours and hours

Having two boys is like having two giant puppies running around the house. They crash into things, break things, lose things, pee on things and eat just about everything in sight. They do smell a little better and they are pretty darn cute. I think I'll keep them around.


Linda said...

They are very entertaining and oh so lovable! Love my little buddies!

lynn said...

Busy Mom and Dad with two of the most adorable boys on earth =) Love Cole (all boy) in the pink high chair and Gabe riding the 4-wheeler with his foam fingers! Never a dull moment!! Love ya all!!

Tabitha said...

You're such a good mamma! Those boys are so precious! Thanks for sharing.