Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gabe turns one!

Gabe turned one year old on August 21! We had a great weekend, it was so much fun to celebrate not only him turning one, but Mike and I having survived a year of parenting with a healthy and fairly normal child (and a marriage that is still pretty intact!). Mike worked overtime to get the back yard ready for his BBQ party on Saturday and Friday was spent putting the finishing touches on the yard and patio (finishing touches like sod..). He spent all day working outside with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Lynn and I worked hard getting all the food ready for the party. Thank goodness for their help or I may have had a nervous breakdown.. Okay, not really, but it could have went down that road. :)

Gabe spent Friday getting EXTREMELY dirty and right before bedtime got to share a Blizzard with Mom and Grandma Lynn

He was pretty excited about his party when he woke up!

Eating lunch with cousin Shelby

Friends and family

Swimming with his buddies, Bryce and JJ

Lost in a sea of birthday presents. He actually sat patiently and watched me open every single one.

Showing JJ his new fire truck

Taking a break from the festivities

That was very short lived..

Getting Mom a beer out of the cooler

Mom, Dad and Gabe

The cupcakes before Gabe got a hold of them..

Telling his cupcake what's up..

Still not sure what to think of it..

He eventually figured it out..

Gabe was worried about all that sugar, so the next morning he made sure to brush his teeth while reading his birthday cards.


Linda said...

Oh my baby buddy, I can hardly believe a year has gone by so fast. How much you have grown and how smart you are!Love the pics you captured the moments! Love you all!

jenhector said...

oh my goodness...I love love LOVE the pic of him talking to his cupcake!! :) You need to have that blown up! :) Your yard looks beautiful, too!

lynn said...

What a fun day for all of us to watch our sweet little guy turn one years old!!! Aw, he is so conscientious about keeping his teeth clean! Maybe Uncle Chris talked to him (hee).....
Give Gabe big hugs - I miss him!

The McFarlane Family said...

Gabe and those cupcakes are super cute! The yard looks great also!